BPlus pure wave 1000W inverter

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Moscatelli , a company specialized in the design, construction and supply of solar panels, televisions and other products for campers, vans and mini vans, offers a 1000W pure wave BPlus Inverter to transform direct current into alternating current and get the most out of your photovoltaic panel .

A pure wave inverter with 3x peak power continuously . Compatible with lithium batteries , the 1000W inverter can be combined with a panel/display for remote configuration and ignition.

Choosing the right inverter for your needs allows the solar panel to always work in the most correct way, thus guaranteeing you the autonomy you are looking for, combined with high performance and maximum safety .


Pure Wave Inverter
Weight 2.55kg
Dimensions 326x180x80mm
Continuous power 1000W
Peak power 3000W
Compatible with lithium batteries
OPTIONAL display for configuration and remote activation*


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BPlus pure wave 1000W inverter
BPlus pure wave 1000W inverter
BPlus pure wave 1000W inverter