100 years behind us, a future yet to be written.

In the beginning our world is metal:
we produce small objects for the home , from the simplest to the most elaborate.

The years go by and as per our tradition, we set out to follow the change: it's time for the first modular kitchens , base and wall units.

We understand that free time, autonomy and the search for one's own space form a single essential value: we begin to create foldable and transportable camping cabinets .

The journey evolves and we keep up: our line of solar panels , TVs , antennas , batteries and inverters is born to make the journey more and more independent, free and personal.


We define our present one step at a time , like travelers unable to be satisfied and to stop, discovering territories to explore during an infinite journey. We observe the changing world , we seize the opportunities, we are at the side of those who seek a freedom away from false stereotypes .

Today we are "Jack" , our new symbol.

A tribute to those who move "on the road" .

Where we want to go

We want to make smaller and smaller vehicles autonomous , to allow anyone to track and live their independence without compromise .