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Moscatelli Omnidirectional Antenna 12-24-220V – AN100

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Moscatelli , a company specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of televisions, solar panels and other products for campers, vans and mini vans, offers a DVB-T/T2 terrestrial omnidirectional TV antenna for indoor and outdoor use , 12-24-220V with integrated 4G LTE filter.

Moscatelli supplies a complete kit consisting of a 6-metre coaxial cable to connect the antenna to the amplifier, a 2-metre cable to connect the amplifier to the TV and a powerful amplifier , with adjustable gain up to 30 dB, reception at 360° so that you do not have to swivel the antenna, possibility of connecting up to 2 devices, TV (VHF / UHF reception (DVB-T/T2) or radio (FM / DAB+ reception).

The kit is completed by the 12/24V power supply for direct connection to the battery in the camper, boat, truck and the 220V transformer , which also allows domestic use.

Use the antenna built with water and sun resistant and waterproof anti-UV materials in all the situations you want, especially if you drive a camper, truck, boat or coach.

It is very easy to install and thanks to its small size it can be positioned anywhere on the roof. The compact design minimizes the effects of the wind when moving.

It is powerful and immediately operational . Thanks to the supplied amplifier you can watch your favorite channels even when you are in remote places, where the poor signal is compensated by the beauty of the landscape and by a freedom to be fully enjoyed. The LTE filter solves the problem of interference caused by mobile phone frequencies.

Use 2 TVs at the same time . Thanks to the double output you can connect 2 televisions to the gain amplifier and see 2 different programs independently. We want everyone to be able to continue enjoying their passions, without giving up.


Weight 0.848kg
Height 200mm
Diameter 300mm
Also adaptable for pole mounting Ø40mm
UV resistant material
Weather resistant
Adjustable gain up to 30dB
360° reception
TV reception VHF / UHF (DVB-T/T2)
Radio reception FM / DAB+

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Moscatelli Omnidirectional Antenna 12-24-220V – AN100
Moscatelli Omnidirectional Antenna 12-24-220V – AN100
Moscatelli Omnidirectional Antenna 12-24-220V – AN100