Telephone, whatsapp, email: use the channel you prefer and contact the person who takes care of assistance . He will take all the time to answer your questions and resolve any problems .

We are against things done in haste, recorded voices, superficiality.

Find out in detail our customer service, telephone support and dedicated technical assistance for solar panels, televisions, accessories and products for outdoor life.


    We provide all the necessary information on our products , their use, purchasing methods, installers and local dealers.

    Do you need administrative clarifications, order status or transport updates? Call us to get the answers you are looking for .


    Clarity , scrupulosity and attention : characteristics that we have always cultivated and that represent us. Foundations on which we base our technical assistance for the use of solar panels, TVs and other products and to solve any installation problems . We provide guarantees and updates. We manage the collection and delivery of products directly and quickly.

Trust us: we will follow you step by step. For real.

  • 1. First contact

    Call, send an email, write on whatsapp and explain the problem. We identify it as soon as possible and immediately get to work.

  • 2. We understand if we can solve it remotely

    We want you to be able to continue your journey with your camper, van or minivan without worries.

  • 3. Telephone support intervention was not enough

    If the component you need can be replaced or assembled yourself, we will send it to you immediately.

  • 4. We collect the product to be repaired

    If it's possible, we'll fix it and ship it back to you. If not, we replace it. All at our expense.