PWM controller 10A 1 panel, 2 batteries – RE102

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Moscatelli , a company specialized in the design, construction and supply of solar panels, televisions and other products for campers, vans and mini vans, among its components and accessories offers a 10A PWM regulator 1 panel, 2 batteries .

The RE102 charge regulator is the ideal product for motor homes, caravans, boats or, in general, wherever there are two independent batteries, as in the case of a starter battery and a service one.

A simple but at the same time effective device , equipped with an automatic 12V or 24V recognition system.

Allows you to manually set the charge percentages for each battery if needed.

PWM charging technology , high-precision temperature compensation , PV overload, short circuit, reverse polarity and reverse current protection make this accessory a must-have tool for travelling.

Moscatelli recommends combining this regulator with an LCD remote display (optional) to constantly monitor the charging parameters and always keep the situation under control.


Weight 0.2kg
Dimensions 136.6 x 104.6 x 43.4mm
Max. charge current 10 A
Voltage regulation 12V/24V (automatic recognition)
Battery type AGM extension Gel Lead/acid
Boost charge voltage 14.2V 14.4V 14.6V
Equalization 14.4V 14.6V 14.8V
Floating charge voltage 13.7V 13.7V 13.7V
solar voltage max. 30V
Battery voltage range 1-15V
Self-consumption 4mA at night, 10mA when charging
Remote unit connection 8-pin RJ45
Temp Compensation -30mV
Terminals 4mm2
Temperature -35°C - +55°C

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PWM controller 10A 1 panel, 2 batteries – RE102
PWM controller 10A 1 panel, 2 batteries – RE102
PWM controller 10A 1 panel, 2 batteries – RE102

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