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Collection: Ducato fixed roof van

The space available on the roof is limited and the presence of portholes, antennas and accessories further restricts the free surface. No problem, you've chosen your vehicle and can't wait to start your road trip.

Make the most of the available space with our innovative shaped panels. By combining several panels you can obtain important powers.

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To install the best possible solar panel kit , it is important to take into account the potential but also above all the limits of each means .

We design and manufacture products to turn those limits into simple differentiating characteristics.


    Off grid

    From the camper to the cabin, from the boat to agricultural land and, why not, even on the balcony. More than a product: a real lifestyle .


    Van with sunroof

    Discover our semi-flexible panels with 3D polycarbonate support: a system that optimizes performance while minimizing weight.



    Trust our solutions: guarantee of an extremely advantageous cost/performance ratio and a very long-lasting performance.