8A PWM controller 1 panel, 1 battery – RE081

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Moscatelli , a company specialized in the design, construction and supply of solar panels, televisions and other products for campers, vans and mini vans, among its components and accessories offers an 8A PWM regulator 1 panel, 1 battery .

The RE081 charge regulator protects the battery from a possible overload coming from the photovoltaic panel and from utilities that can discharge it deeply. The charge is regulated taking into account various factors , such as the external temperature. The use of this charge controller is only possible in systems with a voltage of 12V.

This product is a state-of-the-art device , developed thanks to the use of the most recent technical standards available. A reliable charge regulator, which has further functions that are particularly useful for those who travel on the road and need the best and most suitable tools for their needs.

The 3 LEDs with which it is equipped allow a clear and immediate reading of the state of charge , the acoustic signal is activated in case of change of the state of charge , the temperature compensation allows you to take shelter from sudden changes that could cause problems and the total electronic protection lets all male and female travelers sleep soundly.


Weight 200g
Dimensions 116.3×104.4×37.7mm
Nominal tension 12V
Starting voltage 14.5V
Floating voltage 13.7V (25°C)
Utility disconnect voltage 11.5 V (controlled voltage – 25 °C)
User reconnection voltage 12.5V
Temperature compensation -4mV/cell*K
Max. solar panel current 8 A
Max. charge current 8 A
Max. cable section 4mm2
Temperature range -40/+50 °C
Protective shell IP22

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8A PWM controller 1 panel, 1 battery – RE081
8A PWM controller 1 panel, 1 battery – RE081
8A PWM controller 1 panel, 1 battery – RE081

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