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Moscatelli , a company specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of televisions, solar panels and other products for campers, vans and mini vans, offers an Ultra Slim Led TV with DVD and 19'' screen .

Our TV with DVD optimized for campers , with a stabilized 12 and 24V power supply, is also designed for use at home with a 220V transformer.

A product equipped with a DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 dual decoder, CI+ slot and a CD/DVD player, so you don't have to separate your private collection of films, documentaries and birthdays of friends and family to watch and watch in every corner of the world.

The very bright HD monitor has a viewing angle of 178° horizontally and vertically to guarantee you an incomparable view; from virtually any angle you're watching the latest blockbuster, you will not miss a detail.

The ultra-thin frame, combined with the minimal body, makes the dimensions of our TV so compact that you can place it even in the narrowest spaces.

VESA standard 100mm for wall mounting.


Monitors 19” 1366 x 768 HD LEDs
Weight 2.46kg
Dimensions 436 x 266 x 46mm
Dimensions with pedestal 436 x 304 x 160mm
Brightness 200 cd/m^2
Viewing angle 178°H – 178°V

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years .

Once the purchase has been made, you can contact our assistance .

A person dedicated to the service will provide you with all the necessary explanations for the operation and use of the product and on how to install it.


The price includes transport costs.

This means that you will not be charged for shipping .


If you need to return , don't worry.

Contact our customer service: we will personally take care of all the necessary steps .

TV190+ TV with DVD 19&
TV190+ TV with DVD 19&
TV190+ TV with DVD 19&
TV190+ TV with DVD 19&
TV190+ TV with DVD 19&
TV190+ TV with DVD 19&


1. Which TV with DVD to choose for the camper?

The more space you have, the larger the TV size you choose. This is usually the criterion that drives people to buy one RV TV over another. But life on the road has needs and conditions that greatly differentiate it from everyday life at home.

This is why, in order to choose the most suitable TV for your camper , you must take into account that the greater the size of the appliance , the higher the electricity consumption will be .

Another factor to consider when choosing a television is the viewing angle: the wider it is, the more it will allow for optimal viewing from every part of the camper.

Considering that an operating system already set up for the reception of Italian channels is very useful, it is also necessary to check the presence of a current stabilizer to avoid damage in the event of sudden changes in voltage.

2. What do you need to watch a TV with DVD in a camper?

TV alone is not enough. It is necessary to purchase a digital antenna , to see all the digital terrestrial channels of the country where you are , or a satellite one , which makes it possible to receive and watch Italian TV channels . In the latter case, it is also necessary to obtain a CAM , the conditional access module which allows the viewing of free and encrypted television programs on the tivùsat platform.

Moscatelli also provides you with all the components to live your passions wherever you are.

3. How do you install a TV with DVD in your motorhome?

Installing a TV with DVD on your camper is pretty simple.

A little familiarity is needed to fix the appropriate wall support in the best possible way , if this is the chosen solution.

If, on the other hand, you prefer not to stare at the TV, the removable stand allows you to
move and position it as needed.

The power supply takes place
through a special 12V wiring.

Once the antenna is connected directly to the TV, traditional channels are received.

what do you find in the box?

  • 1. Instruction manual

  • 2. Your TV with DVD

  • 3. Remote control and power supplies

We stand by your side and take nothing for granted.

Equipped with removable pedestal with screws for fixing.

Just what you wanted, ready to let you live your passions.

Connect everything and insert your favorite DVD!

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